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So, you have just finished writing a great screenplay and you want it to be seen on the big screen. One of the worst parts about being a screenwriter is that not only must you be creative enough to write, but you also must be able to sell your script to someone who can turn it into a movie (unless, of course, you do it yourself). This process can be difficult, and is complicated more if your movie happened to be about the Black community and has Black main characters.

Today, more and more Black movies are being produced, but still the vast majority of movies are about the mainstream community. Looking at the majority of movies produced today it would be very easy to conclude that Hollywood does not like to venture away from what they perceive to be the  mainstream audience to often. Movies cost a lot of money, and most Hollywood studios want a sure thing from their investment. They sometimes look at a Black movie and they think that it targets a limited audience, and their monetary returns will be potentially lower than a movie about the mainstream community. It all can come down to money sometimes! 

We wish that after you have completed writing your screenplay that their was some easy way to turn it into a movie, but the reality of it is that it will be an uphill battle for you to get your screenplay turned into a movie. It will be an uphill battle, but not an impossible one. Black movies are being produced today, and more will be produced in the future. In the end it will come down to how bad do you want your screenplay to become a movie. If you got as far as to write it, you probably already have what it takes to get your movie to the big screen.


One of the fastest and easiest ways to get your screenplay read is to enter it into screenplay contests. They usually charge an entrance fee for either a monetary reward, or a Hollywood deal. The best source for contests are posted on the Moviebytes web site (Note - It can be tricky to know which contest you should enter, especially if you have written a Black oriented screenplay. Most of the readers in these contest are white, and may have little knowledge of the Black community). We have found several contests specifically for movies that are either about the Black community, or have Black main characters. They are: 


The Organization of Black Screenwriter


Agents are still the main way screenplays are turned into movies today in Hollywood. The agents control the flow and type of screenplays that the studios use to produce movies. Getting an agent will be tough if you are a new writer. They like to stick with known, and established writers that already have produced movies under their belt. Their are some agencies that do take on new writers, and the best and most current sources to find out who they are is on the WGA and Moviebytes web sites. Also, the screenplay book links on this site provide several links on books on getting an agent, and agency listings.


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