The Online Resource for Screenwriting

WHO ARE WE? is the creation of Ted Rudolph (BSEE-Oakland, CA) and Robert Cunningham (BSMS-Atlanta, GA)
with Stephen Leonard (MCSD, OH).

This web site was created, because one day we were looking for some information about writing screenplays about the African-American community. We had an interest in African-American movies, and had thought about one day writing a screenplay. We hit all of the major web search engines with the simple inquire: African-American screenplays. To our surprise nothing returned. We tried "Black screenplays", again nothing returned. We could not believe that in the entire web universe their was not one site on writing screenplays about the African-American community. We ended up doing a general search on screenplays and found several websites on screenwriting, but none had the information we were looking for. The idea for this site was born that day. 

As you are probably aware, African-Americans are  underrepresented in Hollywood today. To try to remedy this situation, we decided to place all the information we have found on screenwriting on this web site. There are a number of reasons why Blacks are underrepresented in Hollywood; We didn't want a lack of knowledge about screenwriting to be one of them. Remember, Great Black movies start with Great Black Screenplays!

WHAT IS A BLACK SCREENPLAY?  We define a Black screenplay as a screenplay that is either about the African-American community, or has African-Americans as the main characters. Other than those two things a Black screenplay is the same as any other screenplay; All of the rules of screenplay formatting, character development, dialogue, and story development are the same. You do not have to be Black to write a great Black screenplay (check out the movie "Nothing But a Man" (1964) by Robert M. Young and Michael Roemer ), but it does help sometimes. Some Black writers find being classified as a Black screenwriter as limiting, and somewhat constraining. Our response to this is that a Black screenwriter is limited only by their imagination, because their are still so many more African-American stories to be told. 

Now, don't think of this site as some high-brow intellectual site about writing the great Black intellectual movie epic. If your project is "Booty Call 5-The Return of the Rump Shaker" so be it. We simply want to provide the information you need to write a logical, and properly formatted screenplay (Bad movies-maybe? Bad screenplays- never!). We would hope that the information provided on this site would help you write a meaningful and thought provoking movie, but what you decide to write is strictly up to you.

We have always had an interest in Black movies, and screenwriting. We are not professional screenwriters (which means we do have day jobs), but over the years have taken screenwriting courses from the UCLA Extension, and our local colleges.


The information on this site was collected from various written and web sources. Most of it was collected when we were writing our screenplay "It's Not A Game" . The topics covered on this site are listed below:

* Screenplay Glossary is provided to help with some of the screenwriting terms.

* Screenplay Formatting takes care of the screenplay page format and layout.

*Screenplay example is the screenplay we wrote, along with a script analysis
and edited screenplay by screenwriter Mr. Paul W. Cooper.

*Featured Screenwriter spotlights a working screenwriter who answers
questions about screenwriting, and the screenwriting business.

* The Screenwriting Books is a bibliophiles of books that will provide more detailed information on screenwriting.

*Screenplay Software is information on screenwriting software that can make the writing process easier.

*Screenwriting Classes provide information on online screenwriting classes.

* Writing Screenplay Characters is about how your characters should be presented in the screenplay.

*Screenplay Plot and Story Development gives information of how to put your story together in a logical manner.

*Screenplay Copyrighting provides information on how to copyright and register your finished screenplay.

*From Screenplay to Movie provides information on converting your screenplay into a film.

*Links provides addition web resources that might come in handy to you.

*Feedback is for you to communicate with us about this site.